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IT Service


Online Shop

We provide user friendly online shop solution and deliver a comprehensive platform for the clients. We use our expertise in web design and technical development to launch attractive and effective online store websites & platforms. The package includes products and categories, promotional banners, sale offers, discount vouchers, shipping cart and online payment
It also supports Search Engine optimized content tool, and Compatible with cross browsers: IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome, Responsive design (Mobile friendly).


Booking System

Systems for booking and reservations make your business digital. Applying our innovative e-commerce and distribution technologies we can build user-friendly and extremely easy to manage on a daily basis booking system with unique features. It helps to optimize revenue across all distribution channels and streamlines your business.


CRM System

Customer Relationship Management is a powerful system that understand customer data and act on it in one platform. Our system is flexible, comprehensive, diversify and integrated solution. It enables our customers independence in efficiently organize, populate, and maintain information on their customer relationships.

Customer Relationship Management system helps you stay organized and improve your marketing. The platform will help you get to know your audience, visually showing you segments within your audience data that you can make targeted campaigns with a few clicks.

Besides, our growth, engagement, and revenue reports of the system also do analysis for the patterns in audience behavior and help you to plan the marketing strategy. Contact profiles assist you engaging with your customers, so you can make actions that led to a purchase, analysis about individual preferences, and more.


Membership Management System

The system is built for nonprofits, associations and other member-based organizations looking to increase member engagement and improve staff efficiency. From membership management and custom designed websites to event registration and an online member community, We empowers you to focus on what’s most important: your members.


APP Development

We provide diverse professional services, ranging from consultation, innovative design and development for apps to discovering your business values.

Having an intuitive UX design with a creative UI design for an app enhances usability and user experience, while the cutting-edge mobile technologies deliver the best performance.


ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an integrated software solution used by organizations to manage core business process. Organization can record, manage and share their information on the integrated platform to ensure the data integrity. ERP system is the backbone to support the growth of business. Including F&A, Trading / Distribution, Inventory etc...



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